What's in the Sumner Point Beef name? 

We live, work, farm, and raise our families in Sumner Township. Seven generations of our family have farmed here or in the surrounding counties dating back to our ancestors who arrived from Ireland in 1850. Today, we specialize in corn, kids, and cattle. 

Who cares for the cattle? 

Cattle care is a family affair. We have extensive knowledge of feed rations, animal care, and cattle breeding to improve our whole herd gained in secondary education and life experience. This is our life's work.

What are they fed? 

Our cattle spend their first year grazing on pasture. For the next four months, they are also fed non-GMO corn (a niche market for our family!) until they are fully grown. 

What should I know about growth hormones and antibiotics? 

We treat our animals like our children, taking a very practical and down-to-earth approach to using the technology available to us. We vaccinate our animals and treat sick animals with an antibiotic, under the guidance of a veterinarian. Treated animals undergo a specific withdrawal time mandated by the FDA, to ensure no antibiotics end up in the meat supply - this is true for all beef! 

It's very possible the meat you eat will have never been treated with antibiotics, but just like our children, we help them when they need it.

We don't implant growth hormones in our animals or use antibiotics over the whole herd. On our farm, this isn't necessary. 

Who's your butcher? 

We work with a local, family-owned meat locker, who also happen to be friends of ours. This has been their family business for 4 generations! 

How long does frozen beef keep in the freezer?

A long time! The USDA recommends 4 to 6 months in the freezer. Click here for food safety recommendations.

How will my beef arrive?

Each box is 15 inches x 15 inches x 15 inches. Inside is a cooler with dry ice or ice packs in the bottom. The frozen meat is packed in a bag and placed on the dry ice. The box is then sealed and shipped. When you receive your box, place your meat in your freezer, and follow the instructions on the dry ice bags or ice packs for proper disposal. Enjoy!

Why am I receiving two receipts in my box?

You are purchasing a portion of the animal from us, Sumner Point Beef, and paying for the processing to our butcher, Reason's Meats & Foods. It is all one transaction when you purchase, but we are providing two services.

How do I order? 

Click here to shop, select your desired package, and it will be shipped directly from our farm to your doorstep!